Grow Together

2,000 Euro Prize 2015

Country: Austria

Region: Vienna

Sector: Civil Society / Social Economy

Fields of action: Poverty

Project owner: gemeinnütziger Verein Grow Together

Responsible person: Dr.Katharina Kruppa

Website: Weblink

What is it about?

At the birth of a child, a “sensitive window of change“ often opens. “Grow Together” makes use of this in a socially highly disadvantaged context for intensive and long-term work with the mother and the child and, if possible, with fathers. Twice a week, the assistant, always the same, visits the young family; there is a weekly group reunion; and individual psychotherapy for the mother; there is also multiple support by volunteers. 6 high and 5 medium risk families presently participate in the pilot project, the high risk ones assigned by the Youth and Family Office. Objective: to create an environment conducive to the infant’s development, with all getting on well together, thus avoiding protective custody.

Appreciation of the Jury

“Grow Together” closes a gap in early support of “multi-problem families” from before the birth and up to about two years after the birth of a child. Highly professional, sufficiently aloof, well-reflected – yet involved; low-threshold – yet based on a clear agreement; patient, because behaviour change takes time – yet demanding; appreciative of small, everyday progress – yet aimed at complete “healing”. Reverence to all who, in cooperation with competent local authorities, have made this complex and innovative project see the light of day! Simultaneously, the social return on investment is being scientifically investigated - not only this research will show that we simply cannot afford “social inheritance”.