Energie- und Integrationsförderung

2,000 Euro Prize 2015

Country: Austria

Region: Tyrol

Sector: Civil Society / Social Economy

Fields of action: Poverty

Project owner: komm!unity, Verein zur Förderung der Jugend-, Integrations- und Gemeinwesenarbeit

Responsible person: Kayahan Kaya

What is it about?

A household is “energy poor” if more than 10% of its income is spent on heating and electricity. People with migrant backgrounds are more than twice as likely as the “natives” to be poor. Their share in energy poor households is thus also higher-than-average. In ten Tyrolean communes, for the first time, interculturally trained energy saving helpers counsel concerned households in their mother tongue as to how to reduce energy consumption whilst maintaining comfort at previous levels. Also, low-cost energy efficient devices and consumables are available thanks to sponsoring. 15 social institutions and firms of the energy sector cooperate within an “energy poverty competence team” to further develop the project.


Appreciation of the Jury

Sensitisation in matters of energy efficiency that simultaneously promotes integration of migrant households – combining these two may be known in an urban context, it was so far totally unknown in rural communes of Lower Tyrol. Native German, English, Turkish, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian speaking energy saving helpers have so far reached more than 200 energy-poor households of migrant background. The first counselling reduces energy costs by about 5%. The project links integration of people of migrant background, the combating of (energy) poverty and awareness creation for energy saving through a cooperation of the profit and non-profit sectors. A transfer to other communes and to other regions is in the works.