The Omama project

Giving young children living in generational poverty a better chance to succeed in life


nominee 5
Civil Society/Social Economy
Fields of action:
Work / Unemployment / Professional qualification
Poverty / Homelessness / Indebtedness
Family / Youth welfare
Age of the target group:
26 - 60 years = adults
0 - 11 years = children
Gender of the target group:
all genders
Project owner:
Cesta von
Responsible person:
Oľga Shaw
Votes in total: 8

What is it about?

Omama is an early child development home-visiting program which supports a healthy cognitive, social, and physical development of Roma children living in poverty during the most critical period of every child's life (0-3 years). Home visits are delivered by trained Roma women from the local communities. They are empowered to be a part of the solution in ending the cycle of generational poverty.