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Shinergy Freedom Fighters

Beeing able to fight means, you dont have to fight any longer.

Szociális Dizájn kutatás természetes fonott anyagokból és vesszőből

Fonott laptop tartó - No Corruption. Hu és Syrian Voices Mediation and Art

Taste of Home

A quest for home and belonging

Political Activity

Learning Café Mittersill

support to identify possible learning disabilities such as dyslexia and dyscalculia for children with refugee background

Állampolgári Nevelés Tábor


Makes helping easy

inclusive media relations

Film & TV - Work with people with (learning) disability(s)


Garden of Encounter Traiskirchen

Collective gardening, crafting, socialising & knowledge exchange, textile design without borders.


Better quality of life for terminally ill patients who wish to stay at home till the end.

Ntone Open Mind Fesztivál

Meríts a szívedből!

TUTO ecological produced bags

Locally sewn ecological bags carrying stories