The Incubator for Future Investigative Reporters

Kdo stojí za projektem: Oštro, Center za preiskovalno novinarstvo v jadranski regiji; Oštro, a center for investigative journalism in the Adriatic region

Odpovědná osoba: Anuška Zavrl Delić


Cena 2 000 euro


Občanská společnost / Sociální podnik

O čem projekt je?

The Incubator for future investigative reporters is a multifaceted approach to addressing critical challenges in journalism. The project is unique in connecting the fact-checking of statements with learning-by-doing opportunities for junior reporters. We help them develop research and critical thinking skills to prepare them for the complexities of national and international investigations. This not only ensures the utmost accuracy of published information but also contributes to the development of new generations of investigative reporters in a country with poorly developed journalism.


With the rise of profit-driven media, the fundamental principles of journalism are at risk. In the fast-paced world of disinformation and clickbait, acquiring the skills to produce original, accurate, in-depth journalism is increasingly difficult and impacts future generations of reporters. 


In a country with few investigative reporters, we have to develop our local talent. Oštro runs, a fact-checking project that is also an incubator for future investigative journalists. Fact-checking is an excellent training ground for developing strong critical thinking, research skills, and a focus on the public interest. 

Aktéři invites students and junior reporters for hands-on skill-building and opportunities. They are mentored by the department editor and deputy editor, who offer help and feedback throughout the programme. As the participants progress, they are invited to assist in research on national, regional, and/or international investigations. 


Thus far, has produced over 570 fact-checks and trained 19 student reporters. Two participants became the new editors of where they will acquire editorial skills before working in investigative journalism at Oštro. 


Many countries also have grave press freedom conditions fuelled by declining professional journalism standards. The principles of continuous learning, skill-building, and ethics applied at Oštro and its incubator are highly scalable. Democracy dies in the darkness of bad journalism. We all must ensure that good journalism can continue to thrive.