We're in it Together

Cena v hodnote 1 000 Eur 2009

Krajina: Česká republika

Región: Realizácia v celej krajine

Polia pôsobnosti: Postihnutie, Vzdelávanie dospelých, Komunitný rozvoj

Vlastník projektu: Asistence civic center (Asistence o.s.)

Zodpovedná osoba: Erik Čipera

Webstránka: Odkaz na webstránku

O čom to je?

„We're in it Together“ (Jedeme v tom s Vámi!) helps to remove barriers in Prague public transport and make it accessible to people with physical and/or multiple disabilities, families with small children and seniors. The project gives celebrities, public figures, civil servants, students and anybody else an opportunity to go their usual way by public transport in a wheelchair, with an assistant. Their usual path becomes very unusual, as they can only use barrier free ways, stations, stops and means of transport.

Ocenenie poroty

Role playing and visual techniques are used to explain barriers to the majority population. The idea is to convince politicians to take action. By switching roles, the topic of accessibility for disabled people, families with small children and senior citizens becomes part of the public discourse. The project has already been successful. It networks, makes creative use of the public, organises light-hearted confrontations and sticks to ist principles – we wish it a long life.