Studio 27

Focused on Soul

1. cena

winner 6
Česká republika
občianska spoločnosť/sociálny podnik
Polia pôsobnosti:
psycho-sociálne znevýhodnenia
práca / nezamestnanosť / odborná kvalifikácia
Vek cieľovej skupiny :
nad 60 rokov = seniori všetkých vekových skupín
26 - 60 rokov = dospelí
19 - 25 rokov = mladí dospelí
12 - 18 rokov = mládež
Pohlavie cieľovej skupiny:
bez rozlíšenia pohlavia
Vlastník projektu:
Fokus Praha, z.ú.
Zodpovedná osoba:
Mgr. Břetislav Košťál

O čom to je?

Unique media project Studio 27 “Focused on Soul” manage people with experience with mental illness. We organize and record debates with well known persons in both Czech and English. We triggered public debate on mental health and we fight against the stigma by personal example. Guests of our debates contributed to the shift in attitude of the public towards the people with mental health problems.

Ocenenie poroty

“Studio 27“ wants “to break down the myths about the inability, dangerousness and asocial behaviour of the mentally ill”. It does this very successfully. By their very work, the journalists who have joined their forces to create this studio thwart the societal prejudice that people like them are not capable of intellectual work. It is exactly such disturbances, unsettling never questioned beliefs, which enable social learning. What is important is that the concerned help each other as they do in “Studio 27”; and that they find structures to support them, like Fokus Praha. Then innovation can succeed and a process of emancipation is launched that may even help psychiatric reform to live up to expectations.