Social Atelier

Lastnik projekta: DKolektiv – organizacija za društveni razvoj (organisation for social development)

Odgovorna oseba: Nikica Torbica


2.000 evrov nagrade


Civilna družba / Socialno gospodarstvo

What is it about?

DKolektiv has been developing a democratic and inclusive society for 17 years. This work culminated in 2021 when we opened a community center with the aim of responding to social, democratic, cultural, generational, sectoral, demographic and economic challenges. The Social Atelier wants to empower the vulnerable and marginalized, so that they can become proactive members of the community. Thus, it is at the same time a space, but also all the activities that are carried out in it. Last year its importance was recognized by over 2,000 citizens who participated in over 180 activities.


Social alienation, a democratic deficit, and resistance towards individuals and groups that citizens recognise as 'others' are some of the challenges of contemporary society. These issues are exacerbated when there is no physical space that fosters joint reflection and critical action for the benefit of the community.


Social Atelier is the response to these challenges, it serves as a community centre for building active and inclusive communities in collaboration with local citizens. The aim is to empower citizens to become part of the solution to recognised challenges, while also providing vulnerable groups with activities co-created by dialogue between experts, practitioners, and citizens.

Deležniki pri projektu

The stakeholders involved include the Social Atelier team, partners, experts, citizens, and vulnerable groups representatives. Participants are engaged at four levels, depending on their participatory capacity and willingness. They may act as users, consultative co-creators, collaboration partners, or as individuals with supported initiatives and ideas.


During its first 16 months, Social Atelier had over 2,500 visits and hosted more than 200 activities with over 30 organisers participating. Through youth, retirees, and teacher volunteer clubs, the project has encouraged greater community engagement from citizens. The project has provided support groups for women and refugees to promote long-term empowerment and community integration.


Social Atelier purports that working with citizens, which encourages involvement at different levels (in innovative activities based on assessed needs and dialogue with citizens, as well as the creation of a focal point in the community that gathers these activities), is a good practice example, applicable in different environments and contexts.

Pohvala žirije

Social Atelier enables marginalised groups to become active members of their community. The project offers a safe space for reflection and strengthens cooperation and dialogue between institutions, experts and citizens. The project is especially important in the local context. Thanks to the approach in which many activities are carried out by local communities, the Social Atelier project can quickly react to emerging problems in society.