Innovations in crisis intervention

Lastnik projekta: Úsmev pre druhých (Smile for others)

Odgovorna oseba: Miroslav Béreš




Civilna družba / Socialno gospodarstvo

What is it about?

The project brings together comprehensive information to a wide group of families with a disabled member who are often on the poverty line due to increased special needs. In this group of families, the risk of social isolation and traumatisation is disproportionately increased and there is the pressure on parents to take on the role of professional. The organisation has created a platform that, with the help of innovative social, educational and community online tools, fulfils the role of a quickly accessible contacts with specialists and addresses diverse forms of assistance.


Challenges faced by families with a disabled member are addressed by this project with the aim to improve access to comprehensive professional information for those who are often close to the poverty line due to the increased needs of the child. Statistically, less than 10% of these families receive support from social services such as early intervention programmes, highlighting a significant gap in support. 


Networking with regional and subject-specific experts previously unknown to parents is provided, as well as connecting with families facing similar diagnoses. Its digital format ensures outreach to people in remote areas, effectively 'activating' those in need to address their various needs - medical, social, educational and more - through innovative digital tools. 

Deležniki pri projektu

Digital tools are offered tailored to the client's needs, as well as relevant information that is useful for both families and professionals. Our team is made up of 14 experts in the fields of health, education, compensation, doctors and early intervention, who work directly with clients through a digital advisory tool on our platform. With 6 digital tools designed to meet the immediate needs of our clients, we also work with government stakeholders to connect individuals with organisations or specialists specific to their needs and location. 


The platform currently supports 1,300 clients or families with a disabled member. Analytics show that our website attracts between 30,000 and 40,000 unique visitors, with a reach of up to 1.2 million visitors. The digital character of our project is particularly beneficial as it allows us to reach families in remote areas where social services and support are otherwise unavailable. 


In 2022 the project has been invited to a worldwide meeting of social innovators in fields of disability. Since that efforts have been made to create a scalable option not only on levels of location, but by extending services for other target groups (single parents, people in social need, with physical problems etc.). This year a new social network Socialeasator will be created – a scalable option with new and optimized digital tools which mean to help people in crisis situations worldwide in the next years to come. Our new tagline is Amplify goodness, simplify help!