Cena 1 000 euro 2009

Země: Rakousko

Region: Tyrolsko

Pole působnosti: Práce, Mimoškolní vzdělávání, Komunitní rozvoj

Kdo stojí za projektem: Stadtgemeine Wörgl - Abteilung Jugend

Odpovědná osoba: Mag.a Johanna Obwaller, Mag.a (FH) Julia Unterrainer

O čem projekt je?

Following a three-year pilot project phase, the Tyrolean town of Wörgl introduced a new currency in 2008 in the form of a “time credit card” called the I-MOTION card. Using this card, time credits are “lodged” when young people aged twelve years and above perform services for individuals or public institutions such as mowing lawns, babysitting, or helping out in a library or a senior citizens’ home. One hour is paid at an equivalent value of €2.50 and can be exchanged for vouchers for services provided by the local authorities or companies based in the region. In this way, young people can provide useful and meaningful services, the community is happy and the different generations have contact with one another, while regional companies benefit from the increased demand and social institutions from being able to offer extra services. Economic and social life can thus be co-designed at the individual and regional level.

Hodnocení poroty

In 2009, the jury awarded a prize of €1000 to this “dedicated city initiative”, which has reached over 500 young people so far.