Das Radioplakat

Cena 1 000 euro 2011

Země: Rakousko

Region: Vídeň

Odvětví: Komerční podnik

Pole působnosti: Invalidita

Kdo stojí za projektem: ProDev Handelsgesellschaft m. b. H. (Betreiberin des Restaurants paolo's in der U-Bahnstation

Odpovědná osoba: Alexander Wacker

O čem projekt je?

The ‘Radioplakat’ uses a small built-in radio transmitter to speak to a blind or visually impaired person standing within 5 m and having access to a radio function on their mobile phone or a pocket radio. Developed for customers in a restaurant, the device can be used for commercial purposes as well as in the public domain, according to the Vienna Technical University, for ‘listening to’ sights, timetables, information screens, street names or information about diversions or building sites. This additional information channel can also be used by fully-sighted people and demonstrates the challenges faced by blind and visually impaired people.

Hodnocení poroty

It sounds simple but nobody has ever done it before: a normal radio enhances the orientation of blind and visually impaired people. They are able to hear any words they were previously entirely or partially unable to see on posters, price boards, information screens, traffic and direction signs and display cases. Developed for commercial reasons, this device can help make public spaces easier for blind and visually impaired people to navigate. We hope that these arguments are heard by the political decision-makers and lead to progress!