Romani Platni - Alternative means of reducing prejudice

Cena 1 000 euro 2013

Země: Maďarsko

Region: Realizován v celé zémi

Odvětví: Občanská společnost / Sociální podnik

Pole působnosti: Práce

Kdo stojí za projektem: Esély Association

Odpovědná osoba: Nagy Krisztina

Web: Odkaz na web

O čem projekt je?

The negative attitude of the majority of Hungarian society, is on a very high rate against the Roma population.Our project means an alternative solution to acceptance in order to strengthen.We envolved an intersection surface, which based on real relationships, when we created Hungary’s first Roma housing restaurant, Romani Platni, where Romani women appear as a service.

Hodnocení poroty

Talking is easier over a meal. That is the simple, in this case innovative idea that lies behind ‘Romani Platni’. The people talking with one another should be Roma and non-Roma people. Delicacies from Roma cuisine stimulate the desire to become better acquainted. If we eat the home-made cooking of Roma women, our perception of the cooks changes and may even do so permanently. It is also the only opportunity to enjoy traditional Roma cuisine in Budapest. Cooking and eating together enhances the status of both sides, because degradation no longer comes quite as easily. We hope the project can expand as a business!