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Almost one hundred adolescents and young adults from more than fiteen countries. Many arrived in Austria as unaccompanied underage refugees. Since October 2012 they attend one of seven classes that PROSA runs for people like them at Rahlgasse secondary school and Brünnerstraße evening school. In addition to the teaching modules, there is individual and group coaching, a “women’s room” for the few young women, a “gender room” for the many young men, and social work (help with accommodation, transport, etc.). Café PROSA, opened in autumn 2014, is fast establishing itself as an integrational centre. 13 out of the 15 who tried passed compulsory schooling final examinations. Some have continued to upper school.


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Often, young refugees in theory have access to schooling, but in actual fact, they don’t, or it is too difficult. Politics does not consider them worthy of assistance. At PROSA, around 80 people work at making their access possible, for more or less or no money, and always critically aware of racism and sexism. In a wonderful, chaotically ordered manner, they run one school in two locations, dealing with individuals in a highly differentiated way, accompanying them in everyday life matters as well as doing integrative political work. The notable result to date is a first bunch of successful graduates under the new compulsory school curriculum for adults. An innovative, a beautiful mixture!