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O čem projekt je?

everyone codes is a programming school for everyone. Regardless of origin, age or gender, we want to equip people with the necessary digital skills to work as software developers and lead a self-determined life. Our mission is to enable people to enter a better professional future through programming. We achieve this by combining innovative learning methods (e.g. soft skills training courses and community-based learning)with lots of hands-on applied problems, thus preparing our participants in the best possible way for the challenges they may face in their future workplace.


As unemployment rises due to advancing digitalisation, everyone codes strives to reduce unemployment by supporting people to start a new professional life. Everyone codes creates new opportunities for people who are unemployed while solving skills shortages in the IT sector.


everyone codes developed a programme that enables people with no previous knowledge to proficiently learn programming in 6-13 months and find a job afterwards. Our programme integrates our graduates into the IT labour market. We also create new opportunities for companies to recruit IT professionals. 


We offer a full-time programme for people interested in a lateral career move that prepares them for employment in the IT sector. In addition to teaching IT skills, our programme also includes soft skills and job application training. We also offer our participants exchange and networking opportunities with companies.


Unemployment opens the opportunity to pursue a new profession that leads to a good and happy life. We are proud that most of our graduates are employed after completing the training programme. In addition, local companies can trust that everyone codes prepares professionally trained specialists. 


The programming training of everyone codes is transferable to other regions. It is important to adapt it to the needs and conditions of the region to prepare more people for the professions of the future. Our educational concept can also be transferred to other technical specialities. This year we are starting a UX design pilot programme.