Retextil Program

Cena 1 000 euro 2008

Země: Maďarsko

Region: Realizován v celé zémi

Pole působnosti: Práce, Duševní zdraví

Kdo stojí za projektem: Retextil Foundation

Odpovědná osoba: Angéla Thiesz

O čem projekt je?

As shown by the Retextil Programme in Pécs, Hungary, art offers a wide range of opportunities. In this project, people with mental disabilities produce environmentally and artistically valuable and practical items and engage with the public domain. Creative goods are made by hand out of textile waste products. In this way, people with mental disabilities discover abilities of which they had not previously been aware and are able to participate in the work environment of a social enterprise. Using a combination of several approaches and by offering a broad range of services, this project makes a contribution to urban development. And, as installations, the artworks that are produced in the programme ultimately bring people together in public spaces.

Hodnocení poroty

In 2008, the jury awarded a prize of €1000 to the “diverse, respectful” project, which helps to “change the viewpoint of those who are not disabled”.