Really Healthy School

We’re encouraging lasting and sustainable change to the way we all think about food, our communities, our environment and our health.

2.000 Euro Preis

winner 50200
Land / Region:
ganz Tschechien
Außerschulische Bildung / Freizeitpädagogik
Gemeinde- / Stadt- / Regionalentwicklung
Kindergartenpädagogik / (Höhere) Bildungseinrichtung
Alter der Zielgruppe:
alle Altersgruppen
Geschlecht der Zielgruppe:
alle Geschlechter
Skutečně zdravá škola, z.s.
Václavík, Tom

Worum geht es?

Skutečně zdravá škola is a civic initiative to improve the quality and sustainability of school meals and educate children about food with aim to increase the population’s health and develop local economies, sustainable forms of agriculture, and food distribution.

Würdigung der Jury

As a framework, the programme sets goals and standards and at the same time addresses the specific individual framework conditions of each individual school. Each school has its own school blog. By means of a certification system, the participating schools are interconnected. Everyone is involved, within and beyond the school. Around the theme of healthy and environmentally conscious nutrition, simultaneous awareness-raising, school development, and strengthening of regional economic cycles take place. A successful combination. Simple, complex, and innovative in the process.