Online submission

How does the online submission work?

  • Click on “To the Application Form” and register. You will be requested to confirm your data via e-mail. Check your spam folder if you have not received the e-mail. After successful confirmation you can log in with your data and open the Application Form.

  • The Application Form can be saved and edited later on by logging in with your data. If you mark the box “Submit” and click “Send”, your submission will be finalised and cannot be changed afterwards. Attention: Only upload attachments (PDF and JPG) shortly before submitting and sending the form, since attachments cannot be saved.

I want to submit more than one project for SozialMarie.

If you wish to submit several projects from one single registered e-mail address you must finalise and send one application to start with the next.

I need help with submitting. Who may I contact?

We are happy to help! Contact us on the phone or via e-mail. You can find our contact details here.