Terms and Conditions

  1. The submitted project must be a socially innovative project (see SozialMarie’s criteria for social innovation). At the time of submission the project must already have been sufficiently implemented and it must still be running. Neither completed projects nor projects in the planning stage will be accepted.
  2. The submitted project must be implemented in Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic or Slovakia. If it is implemented in Poland, Croatia, Slovenia or Germany, it must not be further than 300 km (as the crow flies) away from Vienna.
  3. Submissions are to be effected online on our website (www.sozialmarie.org).
  4. The application form must be totally filled in and posted online at the very latest at 23:55 of the day of the end of the submission period.
  5. Submission of more than one project is permitted. Such projects must, however, be independent of one another. Please fill in one separate form for each project submitted. Projects submitted in the past can be submitted again provided they have not been awarded a prize.
  6. Submission of projects must be in two languages: The entire application form as well as attachments are to be filled in the national language AND separately in English. All attachments must also be in the two languages. Machine translations will not be accepted. Exception: For Poland, Croatia, Slovenia and Germany an English version will suffice.
  7. Additional material sent by post will not be returned.
  8. Participants consent to the publication of all information including attachments provided in the application form in sections marked as “online” on the website www.sozialmarie.org.
  9. Submitted materials, approved for publication as per point 8, will be archived at Unruhe Private Foundation and may be put at the disposal of media and/or of scientists for analysis.
  10. SozialMarie’s expert jury decides by consensus based on SozialMarie's criteria for social innovation. The jury's decisions are not contestable and there is no possibility of recourse to legal action. The winning projects are announced and presented each year on 1st of May at a public award ceremony in Vienna.