Nominacija 2011

Zemlja: Austrija

Regija: Beč

Sektor: Civilno društvo / Društvena ekonomija

Polja: Migracije

Nositelj projekta: Studentenheim Salesianum

Odgovorna osoba: Emanuel Huemer

Internetska stranica: Poveznica

O čemu je riječ?

Motivated by the care offered to street children abroad, the youth centre wants to create a space for mutual social learning for some 350 children on the margins of society with some 25 students as carers. Activities are held each week in the courtyard of a student hall of residence which aim to bring together different cultures, nations and religions through play. Initiative, basic democratic ideas and commitment are all applied. In addition to social learning for all concerned, the project also promotes socio-political commitment among the students. A programme for young people aged 14+ will soon be added.