Nagrada u vrijednosti od 2000 eura 2017

Zemlja: Mađarska

Regija: Provedba u cijeloj zemlji

Sektor: Civilno društvo / Društvena ekonomija

Polja: Umjetnost, Ostalo

Nositelj projekta: Kortárs Építészeti Központ Alapítvány

Odgovorna osoba: Libárdi Julianna

Internetska stranica: Poveznica

O čemu je riječ?

Budapest100 is a program for celebrating Budapest buildings by the cooperation of volunteers, locals and residents, that was launched by the Open Society Archives and its project owner is the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Center. The weekend of open houses is about the one-time and current Budapest, initiates common discussion about revival, underlines the values of the built environment and takes action against social isolation.

Ocjena žirija

There is a lot of history and there are even more stories. “Budapest 100” researches them and collects them, edits them and makes them accessible, offers the framework for exchanging them with others. Here, one’s own environment, the city, the inhabitants, and the neighbourhood take centre stage. Opening up creates links. And it strengthens communal togetherness. A simple idea; innovatively processed; year after year; with implementation designed in a sufficiently complex way; bringing together very diverse groups of people. Of late, discussions with experts and political authorities on urban development have been added to the programme. A lot remains to be done – Budapest is big.