Nagrada u vrijednosti od 1000 eura 2007

Zemlja: Austrija

Regija: Beč

Polja: Migracije

Nositelj projekta: Deserteurs- und Flüchtlingsberatung

Odgovorna osoba: Daniel Bernhart

Internetska stranica: Poveznica

O čemu je riječ?
After an asylum application has been approved, the support provided by institutions specialising in work with asylum seekers often comes to an end. At this point, the team from the Viennese project Tabiki, whose name translates as “a little island in the river”, steps in to help with the new situation. There may be family members who would like to join the recognised refugee in Austria, or the person may first need to apply for the social welfare to which he/she is entitled. Perhaps he/she needs to find an affordable place to live or requires help with his/her appointments at public offices and agencies. Tabiki advises, supports and accompanies people in several languages or, if necessary, with the help of an interpreter.
Ocjena žirija
In 2007, the project was awarded a prize of €1000 by the jury for its work that “developed as a result of a very real need” and in recognition of its “adaptation to the problem, flexibility and diversity.”