Nositelj projekta: Appy Alapítványi Fejlesztő és Szolgáltató Nonprofit Zrt.

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Civilno društvo / Društvena ekonomija

O čemu je riječ?

Appy is a non-profit organisation that provides office infrastructure, operational and professional support as well as a supportive community to foundations and associations that help vulnerable children with housing, health, learning difficulties or disabilities. All this with the aim that its members can stand their ground even more effectively and efficiently, and thereby change the lives of even more people in need.


Civil society organisations in Hungary face a situation of vulnerability, with state funding often allocated through opaque processes and corporate support dwindling in recent years. Working in such conditions, maintaining cooperation requires considerable effort and resources from organisations that are already burdened and stigmatised.


Appy aims to help disadvantaged children by strengthening the capacity of NGOs serving these groups. By providing free access to office space, Appy offers training and development programmes and fosters opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing and experience exchange between organisations. 


The CEO and founder of Appy are responsible for setting the strategy and the annual budget. At the operational level, tasks include managing Appy's daily functions, organising professional programmes for NGOs and maintaining the community. In addition, the 23 NGOs operating within Appy, while pursuing their individual objectives, occasionally contribute to the functioning of the higher levels. 


In its five years of operation, Appy has provided more than 2000 hours of mentoring, 200 hours of training and has organised more than 50 community events. A cornerstone of membership in the Appy network is the 'mandatory' knowledge sharing, collaboration and collective brainstorming among its NGOs. In 2022 alone, these NGOs directly impacted 41,000 children, significantly improving their conditions and opportunities. 


The Appy concept is considered to be fully transferable, not only to NGOs serving different target groups, but also to those within the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region. Its model, characterised by one-to-one mentoring, joint training sessions and cooperation between NGOs, is simple yet adaptable. The focus, depth and composition of its development programmes can be tailored to specific preferences and needs.