2. cena 2016

Krajina: Maďarsko

Región: Realizácia v celej krajine

Odvetvie: Občianska spoločnosť / Sociálny podnik

Polia pôsobnosti: Vzdelávanie dospelých

Vlastník projektu: atlatszo.hu Nonprofit Ltd.

Zodpovedná osoba: Zala Krisztina

Webstránka: Odkaz na webstránku

O čom to je?

In order for more and more citizens to excercise their fundamental rights, atlatszo.hu established a free and public online FOI request generator system, "WhoKnowsWhat?", by which anyone can easily submit FOIs for free. During submission of requests for information of public interest, atlatszo.hu offers users practical and legal help, while organizing trainings to share know-how.

Ocenenie poroty

WhoKnowsWhat? is a courageous and innovative form of citizen self-organisation that helps with the application of a right that has so far been little respected in Hungary: freedom of information – the right to political control by citizens by means of being well and comprehensively informed. WhoKnowsWhat? offers free assistance with concrete requests, and also workshops throughout the country – for journalists, students, NGOs or anyone else interested – to inform about this freedom of information (FOI) and how to exercise this right. WhoKnowsWhat? acts concretely and is very political. Reactions prove that it is highly effective.