2. nagrada 2010

Država: Avstrija

Regije: Salzburg

Sektor: Civilna družba / Socialno gospodarstvo

Področja dejavnosti: Delo, Invalidnost, Mental health

Lastnik projekta: Lebenshilfe Salzburg gemeinnützige GmbH

Odgovorna oseba: Mag. a Claudia Tomasini

Spletna stran: Weblink

What is it about?

About 70 people with learning disabilities or multiple disabilities have been producing high-quality designer products made of wood, clay, wax and textiles in the furniture, lamps, accessories and games sectors in Lebenshilfe Salzburg’s workshops since 2008. The products are designed by students on the Design and Product Development course at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, under the guidance of the senior designer of the Porsche Design Studio. The central requirement is that at least 80% of the production steps are carried out by people with learning disabilities under production conditions similar to those of normal manufacturing processes. The Porsche car dealers and Porsche design shops are sales partners. LebensDESIGN has become a brand in its own right.

Pohvala žirije

Two worlds with completely different focuses are working together. The aim of this working relationship is to contradict the image that society, i.e. all of us, have of people with disabilities and their capabilities. People with disabilities are producing luxury goods. The budding designers of the University of Applied Sciences consider the production conditions of workshops for people with disabilities. The Porsche Design Studio can show its creativity in a completely different way. I do not buy LebensDESIGN products out of pity, but because of the brand. It is already planned to expand the project. We hope that it succeeds. Particularly, in people’s minds!