The Art of Learning

Nominiranci 2023

Država: Madžarska

Regije: Baranya, Budimpešta

Sektor: Komercialno podjetje

Področja dejavnosti: Izobraževalne ustanove, Umetnost

Lastnik projekta: T-Tudok Tudásmenedzsment és Oktatáskutató Központ Zrt., T-TUDOK Centre for Knowledge Management and Educational Research Inc.

Odgovorna oseba: Anita Kaderják

Spletna stran: Weblink

What is it about?

The Art of Learning (AoL) project battles disadvantaged children's lagging behind early in school by developing their executive functions to prevent their later drop-out. Within the framework of an innovative, internationally recognized method, we entrust artists to partner with teachers of 1-4th grades to facilitate AoL sessions which: - places the students in the center, - can involve students from different backgrounds (including SEN and Roma children), - connects to the curriculum, - successfully develops executive functions, and - has a long-lasting effect on teachers and students.