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Super Romanes Language Program

We will help you !

Calm school

Stress management for children, teachers and schools

Not to stay alone

Advocative accompanying and practical support of children and their families in a difficult life situation, raising public awareness about the principles of family-centred care.


Streetwork In Chat

Who Will Catch You When You Fall Through The „Net“?

Social bistro Strecha

Social, cooperative & vegan bistro in Zizkov

Safety place

Safe Women's Home (SWH) & The Counseling Center - Functional counseling and residential help system for victims of domestic violence in the Nitra region

School PB

Participatory budgeting at primary schools in the Czech Republic

Little Dragon kid's donation application

Little Dragon kid's donation application

Greening the margin: Building cooperation and public goods among Roma and non-Roma communities in Hungary

Greening the margin

Frühstück im Park - FiP


WIEN LEBT…auf der Wohnstraße