Nositelj projekta: Diecézí charita Brno, Oblastní Charita Blansko in Zusammenarbeit mit Oblastní charita Znojmo

Odgovorna osoba: Kamila Srncová


Nagrada u vrijednosti od 1000 eura


O čemu je riječ?

The Czech association, Magdala, helps victims of human trafficking, forced prostitution and domestic violence on the Czech-Austrian border. The association tries to appeal to the women concerned with a detailed and comprehensive range of services including street work, a hotline and a website. Once contact has been established, the women have access to a permanent refuge, crisis intervention and secure accommodation. Individual help to leave the milieu is offered by social workers in the form of assistance with everyday life and support in looking for work and gaining qualifications. The women concerned decide themselves how and to what extent they wish to use the services on offer.

Ocjena žirija

In 2008, the jury awarded the “situation-sensitive” project a prize of €1000 for its “simultaneous educational sensitisation work” and the “context that extends to Austria”.