Sarah und die Wolke

3. nagrada 2011

Zemlja: Austrija

Regija: Gradišće

Sektor: Profitna produzeća

Polja: Obitelj, Prevencija nasilja, Rani odgoj, Psihičko zdravlje

Nositelj projekta: WG Fühl Dich Wohl

Odgovorna osoba: Mag. Erika Kronabitter, Gerald Herowitsch-Trinkl

O čemu je riječ?

Children and young people unable to be raised by their own families due to poverty, drugs or violence will not find many stories similar to their own in books. And if they do, they tend to have a happy ending – unlike their own lives to date. The illustrated book ‘Sarah und die Wolke’ aimed at 5-10/12 year olds does not have a happy ending. It presents the typical fate of a young girl raised away from her own family due to domestic violence. Sarah finally ends up at the ‘Fühl Dich Wohl’ community in Burgenland where she is well looked after. As the first book in a planned series of three, it makes it easier for children to access the world of biographies as well as eradicating the taboo surrounding violence within the family.

Ocjena žirija

It is hard to believe that the more than 10,000 children being raised outside of the family home in Austria have not had access to this before now: an illustrated book aimed at their age group and ideal for confronting their own often unhappy life to date. Compiled into several feedback stages, ‘Sarah und die Wolke’ tells the tale of a problematic family where life for the children is difficult and sometimes impossible. This is unfortunately a very necessary tool which will hopefully help to break the cycle of abuse within some families as well as raising awareness of the issue among political decision-makers. The next book begins on page 39, with Franz at the table...