Connecting People

1. nagrada 2007

Zemlja: Austrija

Regija: Beč

Polja: Migracije

Nositelj projekta: asylkoordination österreich

Odgovorna osoba: Dr. Klaus Hofstätter (Wien)

Internetska stranica: Poveznica

O čemu je riječ?
Faced with memories that are too much for some adults and left to deal with their fate alone, young asylum seekers need one thing above all: ongoing help in dealing with their emotions. The Viennese action group, Connecting People, finds voluntary adult sponsors for unaccompanied minor and young adult refugees. The sponsors give the young people the emotional support that they so urgently need. During a two-month course, sponsors gain an insight into the young people’s legal situation and also learn about their daily life and the specific problems confronting them. The relationship with the young people develops on an individual basis and Connecting People provides support to all those involved.
Ocjena žirija
In 2007, the third year of the SozialMarie awards, the jury awarded first prize to Connecting People and praised the “remarkable (…) variety, care and attractiveness of a project that merits imitation.”