Nominacija 2020

Zemlja: Austrija

Regija: Tirol

Sektor: Profitna produzeća

Polja: Invaliditet, Poslovna kvalifikacija, Regionalni razvoj

Nositelj projekta: MPREIS, Lebenshilfe Tirol

Odgovorna osoba: Mag. a Gudrun Pechtl

Internetska stranica: Poveznica


Communities with disabilities face tremendous challenges in finding and securing a job. In addition, individuals and communities with disabilities face discrimination and social isolation. Many small towns no longer have a local supplier, produced goods are not available locally, and purchases have to be made by car. Thanks to lebensM, a small Tyrolean village once again has a café, a shop with regional products and "training on the job" for people with disabilities.


lebensM offers traineeships for communities with disabilities at Lebenshilfe Tirol and MPREIS stores. Social workers and store staff support the trainees. At MPREIS, we work together with social workers to support the project. The social worker creates accessible training materials and accompanies trainees who intend to transition into working in an MPREIS store.


lebensM works with communities with disabilities, the staff of Lebenshilfe Tirol and MPREIS. Lebenshilfe Tirol and MPREIS offer work and teambuilding activities. We also work with the store customers and municipal representatives. For example, lebensM has launched a programme for trainees to deliver groceries to elderly individuals.


People with disabilities are included in the economy instead of an excluded workplace. This inclusion dramatically increases their opportunities in the job market. In the small town of Mötz, the project provides an eco-friendly supply of local groceries, but also interactions and exchange for a supportive social environment.


Every part of the project can be implemented in other regions and contexts. MPREIS and Lebenshilfe Tirol are planning to create further training opportunities and pathways for employment.