Inclusive Kindergartens

Nositelj projekta: Rosa Parks Alapítvány (Rosa Parks Foundation)

Odgovorna osoba: Kende Ágnes


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O čemu je riječ?

The desegregation of Roma children in the kindergartens of Budapest's 8th district through the implementation of desegregation and inclusion measures combined with the renewal of kindergarten pedagogical methodology. Preparing desegregation and inclusion strategy, pedagogical, and institutional changes have been initiated at kindergartens, in-service teacher trainings, parent involvement in the community development. The innovative element is that the project has been implemented in close cooperation with the municipality and local NGOs.


Discrimination against the Roma community has risen in Hungary since the inauguration of the current government in 2010. This government’s public education legislation reforms have further increased the marginalisation and segregation of Roma children in public schools. We work with public kindergartens to develop inclusive education programmes and support Roma and migrant students and their parents.


With the cooperation of NGOs and the municipality, Inclusive Kindergartens (“Befogadó óvodák”) develops sustainable integration models and an inclusive kindergarten system in the 8th district of Budapest. The project not only provides support for marginalised communities; it also organises and implements institutional diversity and equity plans throughout public kindergartens in the 8th district of Budapest.


Inclusive Kindergartens works with children attending public kindergartens, their teachers, and families. We host regular forums for parents. The Rosa Parks Foundation also coordinates the programme with the district municipality. A Roma social worker also supports the children and involves parents in the programme.


The redrawing of the 8th district has ensured an equal representation of disadvantaged children and families living and attending public schools in the neighbourhood. One segregated kindergarten will close after the next school year. Inclusive development teams have been set up in all 8th district kindergartens. These teams also developed inclusive development plans with the assistance of NGOs based on the social composition of the children attending the kindergartens. 


Inclusive Kindergartens can be replicated entirely for other municipalities to implement inclusive education for children.  

Ocjena žirija

Inclusive Kindergartens offers the first comprehensive desegregation programme in Hungary implemented by the Rosa Parks Foundation in cooperation with other organisations, public kindergartens and the municipality of the 8th district of Budapest. The focus on both migrant and Roma communities is rare in educational inclusion programmes in Hungary. The project is an easily transferable concept aiming for every kindergarten to be inclusive: each kindergarten designs its own tailor-made inclusion plan and sets individual indicators and benchmarks which best fit the kindergarten’s integration strategy.