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Image videa pro Ceny veřejnosti SozialMarie 2017


Čtyři projekty, které dostaly nejvíce hlasů ve veřejné volbě obdržely Ceny veřejnosti SozialMarie. Zde najdete image videa, která projekty dostaly jako odměnu.


About the search for meaning in a young city - a socially creative team introduces itself


Street Lawyers’ Legal Clinic for Law Students

A practice-based legal course for faculty of law students to provide legal aid to people in hosing poverty

Street Lawyers’ Legal Clinic for Law Students@else

T - Meter

Tolerance Meter

T - Meter@else

Media Voice


Open Piano for Refugees

Association for the promotion of Public Encounters, Integration & Charity

Open Piano for Refugees@else


Soul helping methods for cancer patients and their relatives in the clubs of Hungarian Cancer Leauge


ROB - Rugby Opens Borders

Enabling integration through the values of rugby

ROB - Rugby Opens Borders@else

Parents to parents for deaf child

Let´s bring more sounds to the life of hearing impaired children

Parents to parents for deaf child@else

Everybody Challenged - Everybody Successful - Everybody Included

To spart the entrepreneurial spirit and inclusive approach in student's minds.

Everybody Challenged - Everybody Successful - Everybody Included@else

Timeless Slavery

Extensive educational and awareness-raising program about contemporary slavery, with special focus on the forms affecting women and children

Timeless Slavery@else

Hejného metoda

Zasloužená radost z poznávání

Free Prison Radio

Free Prison Radio@else