Learning to Own

Projektgazda szervezet: Inštitut za ekonomsko demokracijo (Institute for Economic Democracy)

Felelős személy: Erika Funa




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By analyzing and adapting the best foreign practice of employee-owned company ownership culture, we developed an ownership culture development program for companies that plays a central role in encouraging and preparing copanies for employee ownership. It is intended both for companies on the transition to employee ownership and for those who want the benefits of a highly participatory work environment with highly motivated, broadly competent and innovative employees.


A number of challenges are faced by employees and businesses, including: Low levels of democracy in traditional work environments, non-involvement of employees in control over the economic value they create, limited opportunities for continuous learning and development, active participation in co-shaping the company, low employee motivation and engagement.


The project has created a learning and development programme of ownership culture that encourages and systematically prepares companies for democratic employee ownership. It empowers employees for participation in the ownership and management at their companies, co-designing their work environment, working conditions and the company’s vision.


Learning to Own involves all company employees in an expert-guided step-by-step process of needs identification for ownership culture development. A series of tailored interactive workshops, and the development of a democratic structure within the firm that builds on the company's internal capacities for further independent growth and development was created.


The project has created, democratically managed, employee-owned companies, where the interests of employees are aligned with the interest of the company. This is reflected in a participatory and democratic work environment of continuous learning, higher employee motivation, engagement, competence, participation, belonging, and wellbeing.


The programme’s flexibility lies in its clearly defined structure which enables it to address a company’s individual needs through development of ownership culture. Any interested company can benefit from democratic employee ownership, empowered and highly engaged employees, and a highly participatory work environment.


Photo 1 © Vlasta Radan